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Mosquitoes are a common problem in Nampa, ID, particularly during the warmer months. Mosquitoes are known for their itchy bites. One of the biggest concerns with mosquitoes is their ability to transmit diseases. Mosquitoes in Idaho can carry diseases such as the West Nile virus, which can cause serious illness and even death in some cases.

Our Unique Approach To Mosquito Fogging & Spraying Service

Our approach includes a combination of techniques, including larviciding and adulticiding. Larviciding involves treating areas where mosquitoes are known to breed, such as standing water sources, with products that target and kill mosquito larvae. Adulticiding involves treating areas where adult mosquitoes are present, using products that target and kill adult mosquitoes.


When performing a mosquito inspection, our trained technicians will assess the property for areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed and thrive. This may include checking for standing water sources such as bird baths, ponds, and gutters, as well as inspecting landscaping for areas that provide ideal habitat for mosquitoes, such as dense vegetation.

2. MOSQUITO Prevention

We offer mosquito treatment with lawn granular products to effectively reduce the mosquito population around your property. Our trained technicians will apply the granular treatment to areas where mosquitoes are known to breed, such as in bushes, shrubs, and other dense vegetation. The treatment is designed to slowly release the active ingredients over time, providing long-lasting protection against mosquitoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquitoes can be dangerous, as they are known to transmit diseases to humans and animals. Mosquito-borne diseases include illnesses such as West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus. These diseases can range from mild to severe, and in some cases, can even be fatal.

We use mosquito control products that are designed to provide long-lasting protection against mosquitoes. Our treatments typically last for about six weeks, although the duration of effectiveness can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the level of mosquito activity in the area, weather conditions, and the amount of product applied.

We use mosquito control products that are designed to be safe for use around kids and pets once the product has fully dried and settled into the treated area. This means that after our treatment is applied and watered in, and then allowed to fully dry, it is safe for kids and pets to re-enter the treated area.

We prioritize the safety of our clients and their families, including their pets. After we apply our lawn treatment for mosquito control, it’s best to wait before reentering the yard. The recommended waiting time can vary depending on factors such as the product used, weather conditions, and watering practices.

In most cases, we recommend waiting for at least two hours before reentering the treated area. However, in some cases, particularly when the yard has been recently watered or is experiencing heavy rain, it may be necessary to wait up to a day before reentering.

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