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Idaho is home to several species of spiders, including common house spiders, wolf spiders, orb weaver spiders, and hobo spiders. while encountering spiders in Idaho is not uncommon, most species found in the area are not considered dangerous to humans.

Our Unique Approach To Spider Control & Removal Service

Spiders Gone Pest Control takes an all-around approach for interior and exterior spider control using residual sprays and dusts is a comprehensive approach to eliminate spider infestations. Residual sprays are insecticides that are applied to surfaces and have a long-lasting effect, providing ongoing protection against spiders and other pests. These sprays can be applied to the exterior perimeter of the building, as well as the interior, including baseboards, window sills, and other areas where spiders are likely to be present. Dusts, on the other hand, are typically used in hard-to-reach areas such as wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces. These dusts provide long-term protection against spiders and can effectively eliminate infestations. Using a combination of residual sprays and dusts can help ensure that all areas of the property are covered and that the treatment is effective in eliminating spider infestations. Overall, taking an all-around approach using residual sprays and dusts is an effective method for spider control, providing long-term protection against spider infestations and creating a safer and more comfortable environment for occupants.


Conducting a visual inspection for spider webs, egg sacs, and identifying the type of spider present is an important part of the spider inspection process. Spider webs and egg sacs can provide clues about the extent of the infestation and the areas where spiders are most active.

2. interior spider control

Our interior service for spider control includes a crack and crevice treatment to several areas where spiders may hide or build their webs. These areas include baseboards, wall voids, ledges, ceiling corners, and window sills. A crack and crevice treatment involves the application of insecticides directly into the small gaps and crevices where spiders are likely to be hiding or building their webs. This is a very effective way of treating spider infestations because it targets the areas where spiders are most active and can provide a long-lasting residual effect.


Our exterior treatment for spider control includes several steps to eliminate existing spider activity and prevent future infestations. Firstly, we sweep cobwebs off the walls and knock down wasp nests. Then, we apply a spray treatment around the perimeter of the home to create a barrier against spiders and other pests. This spray treatment can be applied to the foundation. Additionally, a crack and crevice treatment is applied to overhangs, ledges, around windows and doors, and gable ends to ensure that all potential spider-hiding spots are covered. This treatment involves the application of insecticides directly into the small gaps and crevices where spiders are likely to be present. By treating the exterior of the building, we can help prevent spiders from entering the building and eliminate any existing spider activity outside the building. Overall, an exterior treatment for spider control is an important part of a comprehensive spider control service, helping to create a barrier against spider entry and preventing future infestations.

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We’re passionate about helping people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the only pest control company in Nampa, ID promising excellence in value, service, and trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spiders can get into your home in several ways. The most common way is through gaps or cracks in doors, windows, and walls. Spiders can also enter your home through open windows or doors, particularly at night when lights are on inside the house, as they are attracted to light. Additionally, spiders can be transported inside your home through infested items, such as boxes or plants.

Most species of spiders are not dangerous to humans and are actually beneficial as they help control other pest populations. However, there are some species of spiders that can be harmful and pose a risk to human health. The severity of the risk depends on the species of the spider and the individual’s sensitivity to its venom. In general, spider bites may cause local pain, redness, and swelling, but most spider bites are not serious and can be treated with basic first aid. Some species, such as the black widow and brown recluse, are known to be venomous and can cause more serious health problems, including systemic symptoms, tissue necrosis, and, in rare cases, death.

We recommend quarterly service to get rid of spiders because it provides ongoing protection against spider infestations. Spiders can enter homes throughout the year, and by having regular service every three months, we can detect and treat any spider activity before it becomes a problem.

We prioritize safety in our practices. We take several measures to ensure that our treatments are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Here are some of the ways we ensure safety:

Training and certification: Our pest control professionals are highly trained and certified, with extensive knowledge of the chemicals and equipment used in our treatments.

Proper application: We follow strict guidelines for the application of pesticides, including the appropriate amount and placement of the products.

Targeted treatments: We use targeted treatments that are designed to be effective against pests while minimizing the impact on non-targeted organisms.

Environmentally responsible: We use products that are specifically selected for their low toxicity and environmental impact. We also follow strict disposal procedures to prevent contamination of soil and water.

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